2008 TC3: Small planetoid 8TA9D69 will cross Earth’s atmosphere

6 October, 2008 (20:03) |

Small planetoid with name 8TA9D69 (also know as 2008 TC3) can cross Earth’s atmosphere just in few hours, chances of this are about 90%. This big bolide (very bright meteoroid that can be visible even during day) will enter Earth’s atmosphere at about 2h30 - 2h50 UTC 7th Oct 2008 There’s nothing to worry about, this ~2 meters big rock will burn in atmosphere before reaching Earth, it will just create very pretty light show and it can be your only chance to see such bright bolide in your entire life. His path is not know yet, return here for continuous updates.

Mon Oct 6 18:25:09 UTC 2008: official ephemeride published:

The nominal orbit given above has 2008 TC3 coming to within one earth
radius around Oct. 7.1. The absolute magnitude indicates that the
object will not survive passage through the atmosphere.

Steve Chesley (JPL) reports that atmospheric entry will occur on 2008
Oct 07 0246 UTC over northern Sudan.

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Comment from Peter Vancik
Date: October 6, 2008, 21:04

Asi to bude niekde na Sudanom a u nas na slovensku to vidiet nebude. Podla slov Petra Scheiricha


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